Suitcase tracker: What travellers need to know about it

by Mike

When chaos reigns once again on German airlines, many people look into suitcase trackers. With the trackers it is possible to locate the location of the suitcase.

Using the suitcase tracker: How it works

In order to ensure that one’s suitcase can be found again as soon as the holiday destination is reached, suitcase trackers are being used more and more frequently. Both the way they work and the legal situation should be looked at more closely before using them.

  • Mode of operation: The suitcase tracker has a GPS module that determines your location. You can determine this via your mobile modem, via the Internet, SMS or the Internet. The various models differ mainly in accuracy, battery capacity, power requirements, size and weight.
  • Applications: Since the suitcase tracker is, strictly speaking, a tracking device with a GPS module, the possible uses are almost limitless. However, people may only be tracked with their knowledge and for their safety in emergencies. Otherwise, you can equip all personal belongings or pets with the tracking device. Make sure that it does not have a microphone. Listening in is in conflict with the law.
  • Law: The use of GPS transmitters to locate one’s property is generally permitted. Only eavesdropping is in conflict with the law. As long as the suitcase tracker is only able to locate the suitcase, but not to eavesdrop on the surroundings, the use is perfectly legal.

Case tracker key data: range, laws, costs

To retrieve your suitcase, pet or other personal belongings, you should pay attention to some data. Otherwise, it might be difficult to find your suitcase again.

  • Be aware of the range. The smaller the radius, the faster you will find your suitcase again. Furthermore, it is important that the battery capacity is sufficient for the transfer. You can’t find a tracking device that is off. If you are planning a flight, the tracking device should ideally have a flight mode. Otherwise, your suitcase could be on a plane while you have already arrived at your destination, but you cannot locate it.
  • Also make sure that the suitcase tracker does not have a microphone. This way you are on the safe side as far as the law is concerned.
  • Price range: Depending on the range of functions, the prices of the different devices vary greatly. Inexpensive suitcase trackers start at around 30 euros, with expensive models costing 150 euros or more.

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