To eat tempeh raw or not? These are the pros and cons

by Corinna

Tempeh is a popular dish in vegan-vegetarian cuisine that you can also eat raw. However, it tastes even better when fried

Tempeh can be eaten raw or fried

Tempeh originally comes from Indonesia. The vegan protein source consists of fermented soybeans and is considered easy to digest. How you prepare tempeh is entirely up to you.

  • You can eat tempeh raw. As the soybeans are already cooked during the preparation of the tempeh, then come into contact with noble molds and mature under heat, it is not a classic raw product.
  • Tempeh is also pasteurized before being delivered to the shops, so you don’t have to worry about possible germs. However, you may not like the taste of the raw soybean product. This is strongly reminiscent of mushrooms.
  • Most people like tempeh better fried or deep-fried, as this is when the nutty aroma really comes to the fore. You can even marinade tempeh before frying it.

Eat tempeh: The fermented soybean product goes well with this

Tempeh is still less well known in German cuisine, but the protein source can be combined in a variety of ways.

  • Smoked tempeh can simply be placed on a sandwich and enjoyed with salad, sauce and peppers or cucumber
  • Other than that, tempeh goes very well with Indonesian dishes. Simply combine rice with vegetables such as spring onions and broccoli and tempeh or use it as a substitute for tofu in any dish.
  • You can season tempeh with a little salt and pepper and soy sauce.

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