What are biometric lenses? Simply explained

by Corinna

Biometric lenses are special lenses that are precisely adapted to the eye. They correct vision problems better than ordinary glasses

Biometric lenses: An explanation

Biometric lenses are specially manufactured lenses that are individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the wearer.

  • They are manufactured using biometric data, such as the exact position of the eyes and pupil distance.
  • By using this biometric data, lenses are fitted more precisely to ensure optimal vision quality. This helps the wearer to have better vision and reduces potential vision problems such as blurring or glare.
  • Biometric lenses therefore offer an individual and customized solution for the visual requirements of each individual wearer. They improve the visual experience and comfort when wearing glasses.

Are biometric lenses better?

Whether biometric lenses are better than conventional lenses depends on the individual needs and preferences of the wearer.

  • Precision: Biometric lenses are made on the basis of accurate biometric data, which enables precise adaptation to individual visual requirements. This leads to improved quality of vision.
  • Comfort: Thanks to the customized fitting, biometric lenses offer greater comfort and reduce vision problems that arise with conventional glasses.
  • Costs: Biometric lenses are generally more expensive than conventional lenses as they require more complex production. However, conventional glasses with UV protection are also an expensive option.
  • Availability: Not all opticians offer biometric lenses, so it may be more difficult to obtain these special lenses depending on your location.

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