Android: Scan a QR code – here’s how

by Johannes

Scanning a QR code with an Android smartphone is no problem. We show you what options you have and what you need. Modern smartphones don’t even need an additional app for this

Scan QR code with Android smartphone

On modern Android devices, you can easily open QR codes with the camera:

  • Open the camera and hold your smartphone over the QR code. The link behind the QR code will then be displayed. If you now click on the link, your browser will open and the page will be called up
  • If this does not work on your device, there is a wide selection of dedicated QR code readers in the App Store.
  • We recommend, for example, the QR & barcode scanner that you can download from the Play Store onto your smartphone.
  • After installation, open the app. Before you can get started, you must allow the application to access the camera.
  • If you now hold the camera over the QR code, it not only decrypts and reads the code. The app also checks the content associated with the code, such as links or websites.

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