macOs Ventura 13: Download and install beta

by Pramith

Apple’s new macOS Ventura 13 is just around the corner, and before the official release there will be an opportunity to install the beta. We tell you who has access to the beta and what you need to be aware of.

macOS Ventura 13: Who can install the beta

Not everyone can download the beta for the new macOS: Currently, the beta is only available to developers. To do this, you need to be registered with Apple’s “Developer” programme. This is possible for 100 dollars per year. If you are not a developer, you have to be patient until the public beta is available. As a developer, follow these steps to install the macOS Ventura 13 beta:

  • First create a backup so that you don’t lose your data in case of a bug. Then go to Apple’s developer website
  • After entering your access data, you will find the download area on the left-hand side under “Resources”. Now select “macOS 13 Beta” from the available downloads.
  • A pkg file will be downloaded, which you can now open with a double click. The required “MacOS Developer Access Tool” will be installed automatically.
  • The pkg file will be downloaded.
  • Go to System Preferences and click on Software Update. There you should now find the macOS 13 Beta.
  • After downloading the update, the installation will automatically start on the hard drive you specified. After installing, you can now use the beta.

Public Beta available to everyone from July

If you are not a developer, the macOS beta will be available for download from July. From then on you will be able to download it from the public beta website.

  • After signing in with your Apple ID and password, click on “Public Beta Guide” and then “macOS”.
  • Finally click on “Register your Mac”. Follow the instructions below and download the “macOS Public Beta Access Utility” application.
  • Now click on the downloaded program in your downloads folder and follow the instructions.
  • Then go to System Preferences and click on Software Update. There you will now find the macOS 13 Beta and can install it.
  • This process can take up to 40 minutes depending on your Macbook and internet connection. Now you have macOS 13 installed on your Macbook.

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