Chat GPT: What the new Turbo model can do

by Corinna

Chat GPT: What the new Turbo model can do

With the new Turbo model for ChatGPT, developer OpenAI releases a new update for the popular chatbot.

This is what the turbo model for ChatGPT is all about

Along with the release of gpt-3.5-turbo, the turbo model for ChatGPT, OpenAI is also releasing the ChatGPT API.

  • The turbo model of ChatGPT, gpt-3.5-turbo, promises faster response or processing time of prompts. It also replaces the previous paid Plus model.
  • In conjunction with the Turbo model, the developers are also releasing the ChatGPT API, which allows users to use the chatbot for their own purposes and to programme applications. Roughly broken down, APIs are interfaces that allow programmes to interact with other programmes
  • In addition to faster processing times, the Turbo model also promises more complex responses from the chatbot, which opens up further possible uses. For example, the Turbo model should not only be able to give answers to questions, but also be used to explain these answers in more depth.
  • Also coinciding with the release of ChatGPT Turbo, an update to Whisper API has been made available that speeds up speech-to-text, i.e. the conversion of spoken sentences into text for ChatGPT. Users can use this API to interact with ChatGPT linguistically, similar to Alexa, Siri or Google.

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