Dell touchpad does not work: what you can do

by Johannes

If the touchpad on your Dell laptop is not working, the problem can usually be fixed quite easily. There are several ways to troubleshoot.

Dell touchpad not working – the possible solutions

As with many problems, a reboot usually helps to resolve an error. If there is still an error with the touchpad, proceed as follows.

  • In the Windows search box, type “touchpad settings” to get to the options.
  • Enable the touchpad if it is not turned on. Make sure the touchpad stays on even if a mouse is connected, if you are using a mouse as an additional input accessory.
  • Check the various settings such as touch pad sensitivity.
  • If the problem persists, the driver may not be up to date. Click on “Advanced Touchpad Settings” and update the driver under the “Dell Touchpad” tab if necessary.
  • Note: If your computer has a precision touchpad, the “Dell Touchpad” tab will not be displayed. In this case, go to the Dell support website, download and install the driver.
  • If you were unable to resolve the touchpad malfunction, contact support via the Dell hotline for further assistance or possible repair.

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