Merge GPX files: This is how you proceed

by Pramith

You can merge GPX files using simple tricks. You don’t need any special software to do this, just the right application on the Internet

How to merge GPX files

GPX data can be used in many different ways. For example, they can be used to visualize a route travelled or to play a planned route on a navigation device. This is because it is a collection of several GPS waypoints that are saved in GPX Exchange Format (GPX). You can edit GPX tracks using websites such as

  • First call up the website. Then click on “Open GPX” to load a file from your hard disk or your Google Drive storage space. To merge, you need at least two files:
  • You will now be shown the GPX tracks. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see a toolbar with the most important functions.
  • Select the button with the + symbol. If you move the mouse pointer over it, the explanation “Merge with another track” appears.
  • In the dialog box that then opens, you can choose how exactly the tracks should be merged. As soon as you open a second GPS track, it will be merged with the previously selected one.


GPX tracks: Here’s how

With the tool presented you can also edit a GPX track, regardless of whether it is in its original state or whether you have merged it.

  • First click on the button with the pencil.
  • The individual waypoints along the route are displayed. You can move these to change the course of the route.
  • You can add a new waypoint to the route by left-clicking on any point on the map.
  • Right-clicking on a waypoint opens a new dialog box that gives you several options: Split GPS track at the selected location, remove the waypoint or select the waypoint as the new starting point.
  • You can then download the GPS tracks created in this way and save them on your navigation device so that you have a route as an orientation for cycling or hiking, for example.

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