Microsoft Edge: Suitcase icon – this is the meaning of the briefcase

by Johannes

The Microsoft Edge briefcase icon is only displayed in a special version of the browser. This is primarily intended for companies

Microsoft Edge: Suitcase icon – that’s why the icon has the briefcase

The Microsoft Edge briefcase icon indicates that this browser is “Edge for Business”. This has been specially developed for companies and their employees.

  • If you log in to the Edge browser or Microsoft 365 with your work account, the browser signals this with the suitcase icon. Edge for Business and the regular Edge browser are treated separately
  • Information such as the browser history and other saved data of your private surfing behavior is not read or saved by Edge for Business, which is particularly useful in the home office.
  • If you see the suitcase icon next to your Edge browser icon, this means that you are currently logged in with your work account. You should therefore log out accordingly or switch to your private profile if you want to use the browser at home outside of work.
  • In addition to a clearer separation between private and business browsers, Edge for Business is primarily intended to provide additional security functions and productivity features such as integrated Bing AI to make work easier. However, the Microsoft AI Bing Chat can also be used without the Edge requirement

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