Midjourney: What it is and how to create art with AI

by Mike

Tools like Midjourney, which generate content using artificial intelligence, are all the rage right now. We explain what exactly Midjourney is and how you can use it to create stunning artwork

Midjourney – What is it?

In addition to ChatGPT, which lets you create texts, there are many other online tools that work with artificial intelligence. One that you can use to create images is Midjourney:

  • The research institute Midjourney, founded by David Holz, developed the artificial intelligence of the same name, which can create AI art using a command input.
  • The tool works via a server on the gaming and chat platform Discord. There, a bot is instructed with a prompt (“request”) to generate an image based on the text entered.
  • Everyone can test Midjourney free of charge. Users who are not registered, however, only have a limited amount of computing time at their disposal. After that, you have to choose one of three subscription models.
  • Midjourney has been in open beta since July 2022 and is under constant development.

How to create AI art with Midjourney

To create art with Midjourney, you first need a Discord account. Then you can start working with the AI tool:

  • Visit the Midjourney website. Click on “Sign In” if you already have an account or on “Join the Beta” if you want to test the artificial intelligence for free.
  • You will now be taken directly to the Midjourney discord server. Select a Newbies channel on the left-hand side in which you can try out. Attention: You will see all the images generated by everyone on this channel. Likewise, your images are visible to everyone. If you already have an account and use the subscription model, open the Midjourney Bot in your direct messages.
  • To generate a picture, you need the command /imagine. Type this into the chat box and then formulate your prompt (your “picture description”). English works best, but Midjourney also understands other languages, e.g. German.
  • Be creative in the wording of your prompt! There are no limits to your imagination. Describe the image content, atmosphere and style. You can also specify the aspect ratio of your artwork by adding the –ar [aspect ratio] command to your prompt.
  • The Midjourney Bot will now provide you with 4 designs. You can now scale one of the designs to a higher resolution using the buttons below the image or let the AI create 4 more variations of one of the designs.
  • Try your hand until you are happy with the result. When you click on the final image, “Open in browser” appears, where you can save the image in its final size by right-clicking on it.

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