Ninja’s fortune: this is how rich the streamer is

by Pramith

The fortune of streaming and YouTube star Ninja, real name Richard Tyler Blevins, reflects for many gamers the dream of making big money with their hobby. Ninja lives it for them.

Net worth of Ninja: This is how many millions the gamer has

As Ninja or NinjasHyper, RichardTyler Blevins has made a name for himself in the gaming scene and amassed a fortune. The hype around Fortnite by Epic Games made the gamer abruptly famous in 2018, although he had been live streaming for games like H1Z1 and PUBG years before.

  • Wealth magazine values Ninja at 21 million euros(as of January 2023). The platform starts a little lower and estimates 15 million euros. However, the information is as of 2021.
  • With YouTube alone, the US American, born in Detroit in 1991, has a monthly income of about 80,000 euros, according to Vermögenmagazin. Ninja currently has more than 23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • He also uses the streaming platform Twitch for his income. He agreed with Microsoft Mixer in 2019 to leave Twitch and was paid $20-30 million.
  • After Microsoft Mixer was brought to its knees a year later, he re-signed a million-dollar deal with Amazon Twitch.
  • He has also since published several books, including his Gamer Guide and the graphic novel “Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game”.

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