Playing your own music on Alexa – how it works

by Johannes

There are several ways to play your own music on Alexa. All you need is an Echo device

Play your own music on Alexa: Bluetooth variant

Echo devices from Amazon are natively equipped with Alexa and enable music playback via Bluetooth.

  • Start Bluetooth on the playback device, for example your smartphone or laptop and the Echo. To do this, use the voice command Alexa, activate Bluetooth
  • Then open the Bluetooth menu of your playback device and search for the Echo device. Select it to start the connection setup
  • Wait until the connection has been established. You can then use the media player of your choice, streaming service and even YouTube to play your own music via Alexa.
  • Attention: Voice commands are only available to a limited extent in this way. For example, you can adjust the volume, but not fast forward or rewind. This is only possible via the playback device.

Play your own music on Alexa via Skills

Alexa also supports skills that you can use to play your own music via an Echo device.

  • For this, you must first activate a suitable skill for music playback. These include, for example, My Media or Plex.
  • You can then use the voice commands of the skills to play your own music.
  • You may have to take out a subscription or purchase a server license to use these skills permanently. Otherwise their use will be restricted

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