Save video without sound: You have these options

by Pramith

If you want to save a video without sound, there are various options. One free and widely used application is the VLC media player.

Save video without sound: VLC media player

With the free VLC media player, you can remove the soundtrack from videos. We show you step by step how it works:

  • Start the VLC media player and select the “Media” button on the menu bar.
  • In the drop-down list, click on “Convert/Save”.
  • A new window opens where you continue with “Add…”.
  • In the opened file explorer, select the file you want to save without sound. Confirm the import with “Open”.
  • Tap on the inverted triangle next to “Convert / Save”.
  • Click on “Convert”.
  • In the next window, select the key symbol.
  • Continue with the “Audio codec” item.
  • Deactivate the “Audio” checkbox.
  • Confirm the process with “Save”.
  • To specify the target file, click on “Browse”.
  • Enter the target path and the file name and confirm with “Save”.
  • Finally, select “Start” to convert the video without audio.

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