What is a backup? Simply explained

by Michaela

Knowing what a backup is and how it relates to a cloud is of great importance in our highly technological times. When all important data and information is stored on tech devices, backups are essential

Backup – what is it? Simply explained

Backup is a term used to describe a backup copy that copies back or through which data can be restored in the event of a system failure or data loss. The copy can be made on an external hard drive, the computer’s hard drive or even on a USB stick. Data can also be backed up online:

  • Many computers, smartphones and tablets automatically create backups, i.e. backup copies of the files. The data and settings are usually synchronised in an online storage. Online storage is also called cloud storage. Cloud storage is available from various providers.
  • Software services such as the cloud are not the only suitable medium for a backup. For example, you can make a backup on a USB stick or an external hard drive. For backups from mobile devices, you can of course also use your computer’s internal hard drive.
  • If your smartphone is ever broken or lost, a backup means that data such as contacts, pictures and videos are still available. The same applies to your PC if you have backups made in online storage.
  • You can restore all data such as photos and documents from a backup later. This is practical, for example, if your smartphone is broken and you need to have it repaired. The device is usually completely reset and all data deleted. If you then restore the backup, the files are available again.

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