WhatsApp: Delete messages without reading them – here’s how

by Pramith

With WhatsApp, you can also delete messages without having read them. With a few simple steps on your smartphone, the process is very easy to carry out.

Delete WhatsApp message without reading it with Android

If you have an Android smartphone, proceed as follows:

  • Switch off mobile data and WLAN: Drag down from the top of the screen, then turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Flight mode: It’s even easier if you switch on flight mode first. Press and hold the [On/Off] key and then select “Flight mode”. Then switch to WhatsApp and delete the desired message.
  • Turn off read confirmation: In the “Settings” you will find the item “Read receipts” under “Privacy”. If you uncheck the box here, you can delete the message without it being marked as read.
  • Delete entire conversation: Press and hold on the person’s particular chat, then tap the bin icon in the top right corner to delete the person’s entire chat.

How it works on iOS

With an Apple device, you have the following options:

  • On iOS, you can also disable read receipts in WhatsApp
  • To turn off Wi-Fi or turn on Airplane Mode, swipe up from the bottom and then tap the respective icon. Then switch to WhatsApp and delete the desired message.
  • To delete an entire conversation, proceed as follows: Tap and hold on the respective chat and then tap on the bin to delete the chat.

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