Black Pearl: Did the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean really exist?

by Johannes

Many people believe that the ship “Black Pearl” from Pirates of the Caribbean really existed. But is that true or is it just a myth?

Did the ship “Black Pearl” really exist? All the info

The Pirates of the Caribbean film series started in 2003, with Johnny Depp winning over a large audience as Captain Jack Sparrow. These films – which were very successful at the box office – made the sailing ship “Black Pearl” world-famous.

  • The pirate captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, described the “Black Pearl” as the fastest sailing ship in the Caribbean, as this ship was even able to overtake the outstanding sailing ship Flying Dutchman.
  • Because a great curse affected more than just the crew, the “Black Pearl” sometimes only had tattered black sails.
  • This ship always played an important role in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. This raises the question of whether the famous “Black Pearl” really existed.
  • The first doubts arose when this ship was greatly reduced in size for a short time in the films by an evil wizard and turned into a ship in a bottle.
  • Further research shows that the “Black Pearl” was a fantasy ship and did not exist in reality. Only partial views and certain areas of the ship had been recreated for the filming. The entire ship and all the details were just perfect computer animations.
  • All in all, the frequent claim that the pirate ship “Black Pearl” really existed is clearly a myth.

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