Fix Netflix error code ui3012: Here’s how.

by Tobias

If Netflix doesn’t work and you get the error code ui3012, it’s usually due to problems with the network. We have some tips for you to fix the error so that nothing stands in the way of an evening at the movies.

This is what you can do if Netflix displays the error code ui3012

Sometimes Netflix may not run the way you want it to. If you get the error code ui3012 displayed, in conjunction with a message like “Oops, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred,” then there is usually a problem with your network connection and your terminal cannot reach Netflix because of it. These are possible solutions:

  • Check whether your WLAN is working and whether the signal strength is sufficient. Also check if other devices have a Wi-Fi connection or if the device you want to stream with is the only one with a problem. If in doubt, connect the device to the Wi-Fi again manually.
  • If you have noticed that your device is connected to the WLAN but has no Internet access, you should restart the router or modem. To do this, disconnect it from the power source or switch it off directly using the switch on the device. Such a restart can often help to solve the problem.
  • If the problem is a poor connection to the WLAN, you can either try to strengthen your WLAN signal or connect your streaming device directly to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Check if it is possible to play Netflix on your network. If you are connected to a public network, find out if streaming services like Netflix are blocked. If you are on your home network, the problem may occur if the connection speed is too slow. Check what speed your network is delivering and whether it is reaching Netflix’s recommended speeds.
  • If you have changed connection settings, it may help to reset them to default. This includes settings such as custom modem or DNS settings. If you use VPN or proxy services, this can also cause problems. Try turning both off and check if Netflix then works.
  • If none of the tips have been successful, you should contact your internet service provider to check that your router is set up correctly and working properly.

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