Is “The Snow Society” real? The real story explained

by Pramith

“The Snow Company” is a Netflix film based on true events. It tells the story of a plane crash with devastating consequences

“The Snow Company” is a real story

Movies based on true events are usually particularly popular with viewers. The Netflix drama “The Snow Society” is no exception.

  • The film is based on the novel “La sociedad de la nieve” by Pablo Vierci. Vierci was a classmate of the passengers involved in the disaster and put their fate on paper.
  • The sensational story of the crash of Flight 571 in 1972 had already been filmed twice before. The first version was released in 1976 under the name “Survival”, followed by a remake by a Hollywood director in 1993.
  • The Netflix version from 2024 was a resounding success: “The Snow Society” achieved more than 51 million streaming views in its first few days. This makes it one of the most successful non-English-language Netflix hits

This is what “The Snow Society” is about

Viewers of the Netflix drama experience the 1972 tragedy in great detail. They witness how a plane carrying a Uruguayan rugby team, Old Christians Club, crashes on its way to Montevideo.

  • The pilot of the plane descended too early due to poor weather conditions. He thought he had already reached the Chilean side of the Andes, but this decision caused the chartered plane to crash in the mountains, losing part of the tail
  • At an altitude of 3,570 meters, the passengers try to survive in freezing temperatures at night and a little sunshine during the day. They become a “snow society” that has to make a difficult decision: To survive, the rugby players must eat the occupants who have already died.
  • 72 days pass before the final help arrives. It is only thanks to the courageous efforts of two passengers who make their way through the Andes that the crashed plane can be located by the rescue services and 16 of the 45 people can be saved.

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