Dreamlight Valley: How to get slush ice

by Corinna

To get slush ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to help the little chef Remy. The ingredient is needed for many recipes

Get slush ice in Dreamlight Valley: Requirements

Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t make it easy for you to get slush ice. You only have access to the resource after you have completed the quest The Unknown Flavor. You must fulfill the following requirements:

  • This is the quest that is unlocked after reaching Remy’s tenth friendship level. This means you have to make friends with the little chef beforehand.
  • Also important is Wall-E. You can unlock the helpful robot by paying 3,000 Dreamlight to gain access to his world in the Dream Castle. Then complete his quest The Shy Little Robot
  • You must also unlock a series of biomes: Iridescent Beach, Sunny Plains and Icy Heights. You pay 1,000 Dreamlight for the Shimmering Beach
  • For the Sunny Plain you have to dig deeper into your pockets with 7,000 Dreamlight. The Icy Heights can only be unlocked with 10,000 Dreamlights

Get slush ice in Dreamlight Valley: Complete “The Unknown Flavor “

Once all preparations have been completed, start the quest with Remy.

  • For the quest, Remy asks you to speak to Merlin as he wants to conjure up a very special magical dessert. The quirky wizard sends you on a search for the notes containing the ingredients. You will find them in his house.
  • You will then need three purified night shards. These are made from one dream shard and five night shards. This works on any workbench.
  • Then visit Wall-E to pulverize the purified nightshards. This is essential for the magic of the dessert, which is only possible with the Purified Nightshard Powder.
  • Next, you will need slush ice. You make this ingredient from the purified nightshard powder and 15 snowballs. You can collect the snowballs either with a shovel or an improved pickaxe in the Icy Heights. Alternatively, you can buy snowballs from Kristoff for 25 star coins each.
  • Go to Remy with the slush ice. The little chef will give you the recipe for vanilla ice cream. Certain ingredients are required for this
  • You will need slush ice, milk, vanilla and sugar cane. You can buy milk from Chez Remy for 230 Star Coins and slush ice from this point in the quest for 150 Star Coins. You can get sugar cane from the Shimmering Beach and vanilla from the Sunny Plain.
  • Craft the vanilla ice cream and complete the quest at Remy. Afterwards, you can always buy slush ice cream at Chez Remy for the price already mentioned.

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