Android: App does not open – what to do?

by Mike

If an app does not open on your Android smartphone, you can usually fix this yourself. Our instructions will help you and show you what you need to do.

Android app won’t open

Follow the points below and check after each step whether the app can now be opened:

  • End the app and processes completely: Open the “Settings” and go to “Apps”. Here you must call up the app in question and tap on “Force quit”. If there are also active processes listed, you should also end them.
  • Clear cache: In the “Settings” under “Apps”, open the app again and tap on “Clear cache”.
  • Delete data: Above “Clear cache”, also tap on “Delete data”. If the app requires registration, you will have to do this again.
  • Delete the app completely and reinstall it: Go to “Settings” ☻ “Apps”, access the app and tap “Uninstall”. Then download the app again.

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