o2: Activate Multicard – this is how it works

by Michaela

Before you can use your second SIM with o2, you must activate the Multicard. The exact procedure depends on whether you got your Multicard at your local o2 shop or ordered it online.

Activate Multicard at o2

If you have bought your Multicard in an o2 shop, the employee has usually already activated the SIM card. You can therefore insert the SIM directly into your device and start surfing. If, on the other hand, you have applied for the Multicard online, you first have to activate the SIM

  • To do this, open this o2 website in your browser and log in to your o2 account.
  • Switch to the “Activate replacement SIM and Multicard” tab at the top.
  • Then enter the 19-digit SIM card number of your Multicard in the corresponding field. You will find the number in the letter with which your SIM card was delivered.
  • Then click on “Activate now” to activate the Multicard. As soon as the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation by SMS. The process itself usually only takes a few minutes.

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