Samsung TV: Netflix does not work – what can you do?

by Flo

If Netflix no longer works on your Samsung TV because the app hangs or crashes, there are several possible causes. Check your internet connection on your TV and follow our tips to get the streaming service working again

Samsung TV: Netflix doesn’t work – here’s how to solve the problem

You’ve just settled in on the sofa and want to keep streaming your series, but Netflix won’t load on your smart TV. Get the app working again on your Samsung TV with these tips.

  • First turn off the TV by unplugging it, wait two minutes and then turn it back on.
  • Check if your TV has a stable internet connection.
  • Log out of your Netflix app and log back in to fix the error.
  • Check the Netflix website to see if the streaming service itself is having problems and is currently down.
  • If these steps are still not enough, reinstall Netflix.
  • If Netflix still does not work, you can report a fault to Samsung. You may need to reset the Smart Hub or restore your TV to factory settings.
  • Your smart TV may also need an upgrade to the latest firmware version if you have an older model at home.

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