Bitcoin water consumption: this is how high it is

by Pramith

Bitcoins are created using the processing power of computers. This process causes the high water consumption due to the energy consumption.\

Bitcoin: Information on water consumption

The water consumption for Bitcoin is mainly caused by mining. This is the process by which computers solve complex mathematical problems to verify transactions and generate new bitcoins. According to a study, 1.65 cubic kilometers of water were consumed from 2020 to 2021. That’s about as much as 660,000 Olympic swimming pools.

  • The reason for this is the large amount of heat generated by the computers during mining. Cooling systems are therefore required to keep the hardware running.
  • Much of Bitcoin mining is powered by data centers located in places with cheap energy sources. Some of these energy sources are water-intensive, such as hydroelectric power plants.

Where is the problem?

The main problem with the water consumption of Bitcoin mining is the associated environmental impact.

  • In regions where Bitcoin mining takes place, intensive water consumption can lead to problems, as there is sometimes a shortage of water.
  • Excessive pumping of water for cooling or the use of water-intensive energy sources can have a negative impact on the local environment. For example, the surrounding nature suffers as a result.

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