Google Partner Setup: What’s behind the app

by Corinna

If you stumble across the Google Partner Setup app in your smartphone, you don’t have to worry. The application is required for Google Play services.

Google Partner Setup app: this is what it’s needed for

The Google Partner Setup app is pre-installed on Android smartphones. Since the Android 8 version, you will find this app on your device, but few users know what it is needed for.

  • You probably first noticed the Google Partner Setup app when it appeared in the PlayStore and asked for an update. The app has been on your smartphone for a while, but since late summer 2023, it has been listed as an official app in the PlayStore to facilitate these very updates.
  • You don’t have to open or use the app, just let it run in the background. This is because the Google Partner Setup app is needed for Google Mobile Services, i.e. to keep Google Play services running.
  • If you have an Android smartphone and do not use Google, the app is theoretically not needed.

Delete or disable Google Partner Setup app

As soon as you set up your smartphone, the Google Partner Setup app is pre-installed. You can find it in the PlayStore.

  • The Google Partner Setup app cannot be deleted or deactivated because it is an official Google app that is needed for important processes in the background.
  • You don’t need to take care of the app, however, except to install updates regularly.
  • If you receive the error message “Google Partner Setup has stopped”, you can simply clear the cache or data of the app to solve the problem.

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