How AirDrop works – simply explained

by Johannes

Few people who use this Apple feature to transfer data know how AirDrop works. We explain to you the way wireless exchange works

How AirDrop works

AirDrop is used for fast data transfer between Apple devices such as iMac or iPhone.

  • For AirDrop to work, both Bluetooth and WLAN must be activated on the iMac or iPhone. Which of the two is used is determined by the distance between the devices.
  • When the distance is less than 10 metres, your iPhone searches for other devices via Bluetooth, for example. If this is not sufficient, the WLAN network is used. The transmission then takes place peer-to-peer.
  • If both devices are close to each other, high transfer speeds of 12 to 15 MB/s are achieved. This is faster than using messaging, WhatsApp or email to send data. On average, however, a transfer rate of just under 4 MB/s is achieved.
  • You can transfer all data that you can also send – i.e. documents or music files in addition to pictures.

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