Hiding pictures on Android: How it works

by Corinna

Hiding pictures on your Android smartphone is useful if others like to take a curious look at your picture gallery. The procedure is very simple.

Hiding pictures on your Android: Here’s how to do it

Some pictures are just not anyone’s business and accordingly should not be in your normal picture gallery.

  • To hide the pictures, open the picture gallery on your smartphone and find the picture in question.
  • In the lower part you will find a bar on which you can, among other things, share, favourite, edit or delete the picture. There is also a button with three dots, which you tap.
  • On the Xiaomi smartphone, there is then the option “Add to album”, which you also tap.
  • You will then be presented with various albums, including “Private Album”. Select this and the image will be added.
  • You then have the option to protect the album with a lock that only you know about.
  • On the Xiaomi, you can find the private folder by dragging your finger from the top of the screen downwards in the album overview.
  • But there are also apps to protect your data, such as “Gallery – Vault, Photo Gallery”.

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