Instagram: Feed could not be loaded – what to do?

by Michaela

The error message “Feed could not be loaded” appears frequently in Instagram, but does not describe the problem further. In the following practical tip, we show you how you can fix the error.

Feed could not be loaded: How to fix the error

There are many causes that can trigger this error message on Instagram. With the following points, you will most likely get rid of it:

  • First check your internet connection on your smartphone or tablet. Most of the time, a weak connection prevents data transmission and thus triggers the error message.
  • Here, a change of position can be helpful to be closer to the WLAN or to get better reception. If that doesn’t help, check whether and warm why you don’t have internet despite being connected to WLAN.
  • In addition, a system error could be causing the message. To fix this error, a simple restart of your mobile device usually helps.
  • Eventually, your Instagram version is not quite up to date and is therefore causing problems. Delete the app and download it again. You can find the downloads for Android and iOS here.

Other causes of error message on Instagram

The error may also be due to other reasons, such as a server malfunction.

  • Sometimes it happens that there is a malfunction with the servers of Instagram. In these cases, many users are usually affected at the same time. Check pages like AllDisruptions to see if other users are also reporting the outages.
  • In this case, however, there is nothing you can do but wait until the errors on Instagram’s side have been fixed and use is possible again without any problems.
  • You can check Instagram’s social channels and other platforms such as Twitter to see if such a situation exists.
  • Lastly, an inappropriate comment or post by you can also disrupt access. To do this, switch to the browser, open the Instagram mobile page and then delete the comment or post in question. Now the problem should no longer occur and you can continue to use Instagram.

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