No sound on Android mobile phone: This may be the cause

by Corinna

If your Android phone no longer emits any sound, this can have several reasons. In this tip we will show you the most common causes and solutions.

No sound on your Android smartphone – first steps

If you don’t hear sound on your Android smartphone, it may be because all the volume controls are not set correctly.

  • So there is not just one volume control on Android. Instead, the volume for the ringtone, media playback, alarm clock and calls can be set separately.
  • Often the mobile phone is then set to silent or too quiet with one of these controls. For example, you may be able to listen to music, but your smartphone will remain silent when you make calls.
  • To check this, you should go into the settings and select the item “Sounds and vibration”. Here you will find the different controls listed. Make sure that none of the volume controls are pulled all the way to the left.
  • If this has not helped, you should restart your smartphone once as there may be an internal error with Android.
  • You should also check whether your smartphone has the latest software. You can do this in the settings under the item “System & Updates”.

Activate flight mode

If the speaker still does not emit any sound, you should activate flight mode.

  • This will disconnect all connections to other devices.
  • This prevents sound from possibly being output through an external speaker.
  • To do this, swipe down from the top and activate flight mode by tapping the icon with the aeroplane.

Test the headset mode

Sometimes your Android smartphone may not be able to switch between headphone and speaker output.

  • To fix the problem, play a long audio file or music and connect headphones to your smartphone during playback. Wait a moment and pull the headphones out again.
  • Then check if playback through the loudspeaker is possible.

Other possible solutions

If the above steps have not helped, you still have the following options:

  • You can reset your smartphone to the factory settings. However, all data and settings will be deleted. Therefore, be sure to back up all important files beforehand.
  • If your phone still does not make any sound, there is probably a hardware defect. To fix it, you will need to take your smartphone to the manufacturer or a repair shop for repair.

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