View Whatsapp status again: This is how it works

by Pramith

You have several options if you want to view other people’s Whatsapp statuses again. You can also find your own expired status again

Whatsapp: How to view the current status again

A Whatsapp status is visible for exactly 24 hours. After that it disappears. In the relatively new view, only the unseen status messages will initially catch your eye. Those that have already been viewed appear to have disappeared at first glance.

  • However, you can find these under the “Status” note in the “News” category.
  • Click on the cross next to it on the right-hand side to see the status you have already viewed and can view it again.
  • Another way would be to search your Whatsapp contact list for the person whose status you want to view again. If you click on the person’s picture, you will be given a choice: you can either view the person’s profile picture or the status again.
  • How often you do this is not visible to the other person.

View WhatsApp status after the last 24 hours

To view your own Whatsapp status or that of another person even after the 24-hour period has expired, you can make use of your gallery.

  • As long as you do not use a status text, videos and photos are saved in your gallery. However, this does not happen automatically. You must activate the corresponding command in your Whatsapp settings
  • If you do not omit the status text for the image or video, you can only save everything via a screenshot.
  • If you want to call up another person’s status again, the only option is to take a screenshot within the 24 publication hours and save it under your pictures.

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