Safe folder on Android: What’s behind it?

by Pramith

On Android smartphones, there is a safe folder where files or applications can be kept protected

How to use the safe folder on Android

If other people besides you use your smartphone or you want to back up sensitive files in case your phone is ever lost, it makes sense to use the safe folder on Android.

  • Where exactly you find the safe folder on your Android smartphone can vary. If you have already set it up, it can be found under the pre-installed apps, otherwise you can get there via the settings under “Biometric data and security”. You can easily access the secure folder via the search bar in the app menu.
  • Before you can use the safe folder for the first time, you may need to verify your phone number. You also choose how you want the folder to be locked: with a pattern, a pin or a password.
  • Pictures or apps that you do not want others to see can now be easily moved to the safe folder by, for example, calling up the three-dot menu for a picture and tapping on “Move to safe folder”.
  • This folder can only be unlocked by you with the selected pattern or assigned pin, so no one else can access your sensitive data.

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