Thermometer App: How easy it is to measure the heat with your smartphone.

by Johannes

In many usage scenarios, your smartphone is at your service with advice and support. So why not simply use your mobile phone as a thermometer? We show you apps that make this possible

Thermometer app for Android

The “Thermometer” app measures the temperature directly via the device sensors.

  • The app’s simple home screen displays the temperature in large digits.
  • Next to this you will find the temperature of your battery, the outside temperature (according to information from a weather report) and a button that calls up a weather map integrated into the app.
  • The deep personalisation options in terms of design, the choice between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the ability to calibrate the app once for more accurate readings are particularly compelling.
  • However, the app always displays advertisements at the bottom of the screen. Some options are only available if you watch an advertising video once first.
  • Download the app here.
  • If you don’t want to measure the temperature yourself, you can turn to Weather Online. The app shows you meteorological forecasts.

Thermometer app for iPhones

For iPhones, the app “Thermometer++” is a good choice.

  • It also shows the measured temperature in large digits on the start screen. The latter can be selected from different designs. You can choose between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit for the measurement.
  • In addition, the outdoor temperature, humidity and air pressure are displayed for a location of your choice.
  • However, this app also often displays annoying, full-sized advertising banners.
  • Here you can download it from the App Store.
  • Alternatively, the thermometer app from the developer “Mulan li” is also recommended. This can make clothing recommendations based on the temperature and determine the body temperature for a particular outfit.

Consider the following

When using thermometer apps, keep a few things in mind.

  • Temperatures measured by app should only be a rough guide. If you need accurate readings, you should continue to use a commercially available thermometer.
  • Be sure to remove any covers when taking measurements. These can affect the heating of the unit.
  • Do not run any computationally intensive applications before or during the measurement so that the unit heats up.

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