7 Days to Die: Sleep – how to survive the night

by Michaela

In the survival horror game “7 Days to Die” it is not so easy to sleep at night. This is partly because the zombies that want to kill you are stronger at night and behave differently than during the day.

Hard to sleep in “7 Days to Die “

Before the night begins in the post-apocalyptic story of “7 Days to Die”, you should try to create the best possible starting position for your character to survive.

  • To do this, you should ideally find a stand-alone house where you can stay sheltered overnight.
  • Be sure to shake off any zombie attackers before entering the house. Otherwise, they will not leave you alone and may follow you into the house.
  • For safety’s sake, lock the entrances on the ground floor with “Wooden frame and upgrade” and stay on the second floor overnight. Here you still have the possibility to jump out of the window to escape from attackers. This will damage your health, but at least you won’t die.
  • Once the building is locked, you should be safe for the time being. Nevertheless, always keep an eye on the attack points as well, so that you can spot approaching enemies more quickly.
  • It is also useful if you can craft a sleeping bag somewhere. This serves as a spawn point in case you die. In addition, the last sleeping bag you laid down will also be shown on the compass, so you can always return to it.

This is the best way to behave at night

To survive the night at “7 Days to Die”, you should not only create a good starting position for yourself. It is also important that you keep as low a profile as possible.

  • Avoid fighting zombies as much as possible, because they are more aggressive and therefore more dangerous at night, depending on the setting.
  • If you have not deactivated the function before starting the game, the zombies can also run at night.
  • You should also refrain from hunting for loot at night. The likelihood of being attacked and dying would be very high.
  • If possible, do not make any noise at night and keep quiet. Zombies are otherwise quickly attracted to noise.
  • Hide until it is daylight again. You can use the time at night for useful things, such as cleaning up your inventory and sorting things out, putting on or upgrading clothes or armour, and taking in food.

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