Chained Echoes: Holy Water – these are the locations

by Corinna

When you play Chained Echoes, you will need holy water at some point. You should know where you can find it

How to find holy water in Chained Echoes

Sacred water can be used for the Leonar challenges in Chained Echoes, which can be played on PS4, for example.

  • This can be collected in numerous places in the game, including Wyrnshire Castle, on the eastern platform of Hooge, in the east of Perpetua, in the west of the Ograne Grottoes, in the southeast of the Leviathan Tunnel and in the center of Tormund.
  • It is useful to look in chests, as it is often hidden in them.
  • You can also obtain five more holy waters via reward tablet chains.
  • You can get another one via Sienna.
  • Sometimes the search takes a little longer, so you need to be patient.
  • Once you have found the holy water, you can use it to unlock various challenges.
  • To offer the water to the statue of the Hero of Leonar. In the process, monsters are released which you must successfully defeat in order to receive a class crest.

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