Merge Mansion: Golden tree – what you need to know

by Pramith

The golden tree in Merge Mansion is a very special plant that provides you with money permanently. It grows in the winter garden from golden seeds

Merge Mansion: The Golden Tree explained

If you want to earn even more money in Merge Mansion, you should get the Golden Tree.

  • This plant is also known in the game as a money tree, as it regularly drops bronze coins. This gives you a passive additional income in the game every five minutes, which you can increase with several trees
  • In addition to bronze coins, you will also receive experience points if you have golden trees. You will receive an experience star every five minutes. Golden seeds and trees are also used to obtain exotic plants in the winter garden
  • You will receive Golden Trees when you unlock the Winter Garden and place a Mini Greenhouse there. You will then need Golden Seeds, which you can obtain by combining two seed bags (level 4)
  • To obtain a Golden Tree from a Golden Seed, you must level it up. The seed becomes a seedling from level 3 and a tree from level 4. From the last level (8) you will receive bronze coins.
  • You can level up the trees by merging or by using Ursula’s blue card. This will give you the tree much faster.

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