Disney Dreamlight Valley: Feeding Animals – Favourite Foods & Approach.

by Pramith

To feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to know their favourite food. You should also know how to approach the 7 different types of animals without scaring them away

Feeding animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Small animals give you bonuses and materials and can be unlocked as companions. However, you have to make friends with them first. You can do this by feeding animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They don’t eat all food, only certain food. They also have a favourite food. Feed an animal its favourite food and you will become friends with it. Once you have fed an animal, it is full. It will take several hours before you can feed it again.

Squirrel: Favourite food peanuts

To feed squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it doesn’t take much skill. The animals will come up to you so you can give them their favourite food directly.

Location: Main Square

  • Favourite food: Peanuts (Main Square)
  • Rabbit: Favourite food carrot
  • Rabbits want to play with you. Catch up with the little rascals three or four times. Eventually get the indication that you can approach and give them food.

Location: Peaceful Meadow

  • Favourite food: Carrot (Peaceful Meadow)

Favourite food: different flowers per variety

To feed hummingbirds, you need orange sun leeks. You need to approach the birds to be able to feed them. Sometimes, however, they will fly away startled and you will have to catch up with them again. The pretty nectar birds are some of the fastest animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • Location: Sunny Plain
  • Favourite food: depending on variant
  • Golden Nectar Bird: Sunflower (Iridescent Beach)
  • Orchid Sunbird: Orange Houseleek (Sunny Plain)
  • Red Nectar Bird: Red Bromeliad (Sunny Plain)
  • Smaragd nectar bird: Green passion lily (Icy Heights)
  • Turquoise Nectar Bird: Pink Houseleek (Sunny Plains)

Sea turtle: favourite food kelp

If you approach a turtle, it will immediately retreat into its shell. However, if you stay close to the animal, it will get used to you. After a while, you can approach and make friends with the turtle.

Location: Iridescent Beach

  • Favourite food: Seaweed

Crocodile: favourite food lobster

As soon as a crocodile watches you and lowers its head, you can approach slowly. If it looks up, you should stop immediately so as not to scare it away. Creep closer and closer to eventually be able to feed it.

  • Location: Glade of Trust
  • Favourite food: Lobster (Trusted clearing)

Raccoon: favourite food blueberries

Watching raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley from a distance? That’s a good assumption already, because it means they’re hungry. The raccoons will stretch and keep a lookout before squatting down to relax in between. Only approach the animals while they are crouching. Stop immediately when they sit up and keep a lookout.

  • Location: Forest of Valour
  • Favourite food: Blueberries (Forest of Valour)

Fox’s favourite food: White Sturgeon

Foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley stop and look at you expectantly when they are hungry. If you approach, they run off and wait for you to follow. After a while they stop and wait for you to feed them a White Sturgeon.

  • Location: Icy Heights
  • Favourite food: White Sturgeon (Icy Heights)

Raven: 5-star dishes

You can only find the clever ravens in the Forgotten Land. When a raven circles above you, just stand still until it comes to you. They can then feed you 3, 4 and 5 star meals, but only the most expensive dishes are their favourite.

  • Location: Forgotten Land
  • Favourite food: 5-star dishes

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