Elden Ring: Find and explore the Consecrated Snowfield – the best tips

by Corinna

The Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring is an optional area that you can only enter with a specific item and then explore

Enter the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring: Find secret Haligree medallion

You can only enter the Consecrated Snowfield west of the Giant’s Peak once you have access to the Great Elevator of Rold. You will only receive this after defeating the bossMorgott, King of the Mals.

  • In order for the elevator to take you to the snowfield, you need the Secret Haligree Medallion. This consists of two halves, which you must find
  • You must first obtain the right half of the medallion in Liurnia. To do this, travel to the village of Albinaurics in the south-western part of the region and look for a large pot on a slope.
  • Destroy the pot by rolling against it. Do not hit it, otherwise you could kill the Albus hiding inside. You will finally receive the right half of the medallion from the elderly gentleman.
  • For the left half of the medallion, head for the Giants’ Mountain Peak, Sol Castle to be precise. Defeat the boss Commander Niall there to get half of the medallion
  • If you want to follow the story instead, you theoretically have to go to the hut of the slumbering wolf in Liurnia first. You can only reach it by crossing the crystal cave by the lake.
  • You will find the entrance to this cave in the southeast near the place of mercy, Picturesque Island. Defeat the enemy in the cave and you will find the hut and its inhabitant Latenna, who will point you to the location of the left half of the medal.
  • Then enter the Great Elevator and use the option Lift Secret Medallion. This will take you to the secret path to the Halig Tree, which you must cross to get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Tips for exploring the Consecrated Snowfield

The Consecrated Snowfield is immediately recognizable by the ongoing snowstorm, which makes for particularly poor visibility.

  • To help you find your way around the area, you should first obtain the map of the Consecrated Snowfield, just like others in Elden Ring. To do this, ride straight north from the start of the area until you find an obelisk. There you will find the map
  • The Consecrated Snowfield offers numerous optional field bosses and mobs. So be careful while you explore the snowy land.
  • In addition, you will find numerous ruins and interesting locations that provide you with loot and upgrade materials such as Golden Seeds. These include, for example, the Albinaurian Tower and the City of Liturgies called Ordina in the far north.
  • In Ordina you will also find the hardest legacy dungeon in the entire game: Miquella’s Haligbaum. It is optional, but has a lot to offer

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