Fortnite bots: How to recognize bots in Fortnite

by Johannes

Bots often appear in Fortnite matches. Newcomers and mobile players in particular will often encounter computer-controlled opponents

Fortnite: Characteristics of bots

Fortnite uses bots to fill lobbies with opponents that offer an entry-level challenge. Bots can already be recognized by certain characteristics:

  • The name is one of the typical bot characteristics. It usually consists of two to three words and one or two numbers before or after them. Examples are BellyFlop40 or WalkInThePark66.
  • Bots prefer to attack from a distance, even if you are more than 50 meters away. However, they usually have little success thanks to their poor aiming accuracy.
  • Bots appear most frequently in matches with beginners or when it comes to mobile or Nintendo Switch lobbies. The reason for this is the more complicated controls, which make it much more difficult to get into the game
  • You will never encounter bots in the Creative, Team Rumble and Timed modes. In group matches, bots only form teams with other bots and never with living players.
  • Bots primarily wear recruit or previously unreleased outfits. Furthermore, they do not use emotes in the match. Paint jobs are not used.

Fortnite: Recognize bots by their behaviour

The bots in Fortnite behave very differently from playing humans. They are bound by certain rules that make it easy to recognize them.

  • Bots do not interact with other characters, machines, vehicles and wild animals. If they accidentally jump onto a mount, they dismount immediately
  • Bots do not collect special weapons such as exotic items or items that only appear in the current chapter. They also do not use them if they collect them by mistake.
  • Bots are limited even when building. They don’t use metal or bricks as long as there is enough wood left. For this reason, bots focus heavily on mining wood.
  • They do not plant seeds and do not fish. Furthermore, weapons do not change color when bots are wearing a Midas or Marigold outfit. This makes it easy to spot bots based on this characteristic
  • Defeated bots drop weapons with a full magazine and building materials. This even happens in zero build mode. Bots also often search for ammo crates, but never loot them.

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