Lies of P: Find Trinity Keys and Trinity Rooms

by Pramith

You need the Trinity Keys in Lies of P to enter the Trinity Rooms in the game. There are five of these

Lies of P: Find all Trinity Keys

In Lies of P you can obtain five Trinity Keys that will keep you guessing. Look out for the well-lit telephones that you can recognize from a distance by their ringing.

  • Answer and a conversation with the riddle master Arlecchino begins. He asks you a riddle that you must answer correctly. Only then will you receive a trinity key.
  • You will find the first telephone directly in front of the workshop union to the right of the bridge in the inner courtyard of Krat Town Hall. Answer human for the puzzle. If you accidentally choose the wrong answer Monster, you will still receive the key as an exception.
  • Next, you will probably find the phone in the Malum District. Go to a house near the place with the acid-throwing enemies. Answer the riddle with candle
  • Tip: If you answer the first phone again, you will receive this puzzle and can therefore get the key earlier.
  • You can obtain the third Trinity Key via the telephone in the gallery of the Great Exhibition. Simply explore the exhibition to discover the phone and answer with Ei.
  • You must then follow the path further down until you find two statues of women. Turn them until they look at each other. This will open a secret compartment and you will receive the Trinity Key.
  • Then go to the main station in Krat and you will find the next telephone directly on the main road. The answer to the puzzle is Ergo. You have now received all the “normal” trinity keys
  • Last but not least is the Trinity Key of the Chosen One. To get it, you must go to the entrance area of the Trismegistus relic. Then follow the path through which the doll has broken through up to the telephone.
  • The last answer doesn’t matter. You will receive the key without any further problems.

Lies of P: How to use the trinity key

The trinity keys in Lies of P are items that can only be used for one thing.

  • You can use the keys to open the doors to the Trinity Rooms. As Pinocchio, you should definitely keep an eye out for these in Lies of P.
  • Trinity rooms are equipped with large double doors that display the Trinity symbol on the front. Furthermore, they are often marked by a single lamp.
  • This can already be seen in the Trinity Room in the workshop union area. You will find this if you return to the path with the cat and the fox from the Venigni Works control room checkpoint. From there, head to the right to discover the door
  • You will find another door directly in the Cathedral of St. Frangelico. From the chapel, go over the wooden plank, then down and then up again in the adjoining room, you will come to the next Trinity Room.
  • Return to the opera house. In front of the boss room you will see the chandelier and a chasm into which you jump. The next door is there
  • Continue to the main station. Go outside from the entrance area and you will find the door to your left. You could open all these doors with the normal Trinity keys
  • For the last one, you need the Trinity Key of the Chosen One instead. To do this, travel to the Ark Abbey, specifically the checkpoint at the outer wall of the Ark Abbey. Walk along the path until you come across the door and a special NPC behind it

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