Graveyard Keeper: How to make black paint

by Corinna

Black paint is essential for making ink in Graveyard Keeper. There are three different recipes available for this purpose

How to make black ink in Graveyard Keeper

As in Stardew Valley, you need a variety of resources in Graveyard Keeper. This also includes black paint.

  • Black paint is produced at the alchemy table. You can unlock this via the Simple Alchemy technology. The first level is completely sufficient for this
  • You can use three recipes in Graveyard Keeper to make black paint. They all use different ingredients.
  • One of the simpler variants is the combination of a unit of water and a portion of graphite powder. You produce graphite powder using the alchemy mill by crushing graphite. You can obtain water directly from a bucket filled with clear water.
  • Instead of graphite powder, you can combine a portion of death powder and water. You can either make death powder from dark innards or buy it from the witch Clotho in the swamp for 50 copper coins.
  • You can also obtain black paint by combining a unit of oil and a portion of ash. Burn corpses to obtain ash. You can either get oil from Diggo in the village for 30 bronze coins or you can make it yourself from fat using the vine press
  • Combine the resources at the alchemy table to obtain black paint. You will receive a vial of the color each time after production.

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