Pokémon GO: Find and defeat Giovanni – the best tips

by Tobias

The boss Giovanni in Pokémon GO is not easy to find and defeat. But with the right pocket monsters in your team and the right attacks, you can fight the villain and steal a legendary Pokémon from him.

How to find Giovanni in Pokémon GO

To find Giovanni, you first have to track him down. Because the boss of Team GO Rocket is not a permanent guest in the popular game Pokémon GO. He only appears during special events. To challenge him at all, you need a Super Rocket Radar.

  • To get a Super Rocket Radar, you need to complete a corresponding field quest. These will only appear in the game at appropriate events.
  • Among other research tasks, you must first defeat the Team GO Rocket bosses Arla, Sierra and Cliff. These in turn can only be found through a Rocket radar. To get this, you must defeat six Rocket bullies in battle each.
  • Once you have obtained the Super Rocket Radar, it will track Giovanni down. But the notorious boss is not always behind it. Because he likes to send so-called decoy bullies ahead to distract you from him.

How to defeat Giovanni in Pokémon GO

Finding Giovanni is no easy task. Defeating him is also difficult. That’s why it’s important that you use the right Pokémon to stand up to him.

  • Once you’ve found Giovanni, it’s time to set up the right team against him. This is not easy, as he has changing Pokémon with him. So first find out who is on his team by challenging him.
  • Currently (as of 08/2022), Giovanni always starts the first round with Normal-type Snobilikat. Good counters against the cat are Pokémon with battle attacks such as Lucario, Lohgock or Machomei with the attack Counter. The pocket monsters should be well levelled up.
  • Use fast charging attacks if possible to take Giovanni’s shields. However, other Pokémon with fast charge attacks such as Scherox and Melmetal are also suitable for this purpose.
  • The second Pokémon in Giovanni’s team can be either Nidoking, Machomei or Rohornior. Against Machomei, especially Flight, Psycho and Ice are very effective. With a well leveled up Lugia and the attacks Special Sensor and Sky Sweeper you can bring Machomei to its knees. But Victini with Confusion and Psychokinesis also puts a lot of pressure on the Fighting Pokémon.
  • Nidoking has weaknesses against ground, ice, water and psycho. So the legendary bird Arktos can also serve well here. Even better suited is Kyogre with the fast charging attack Surfer.
  • Rihornior is weak against Plant and Water and should be fought by Pokémon with such attacks. Chelterrar, Sumpex and Kyogre with high WP and fast charge attacks are good choices here.
  • As a third Pokémon, Giovanni conjures Crypto-Latios out of his sleeve, which can also be caught if you win the battle. To achieve this, you should counter a Unlight, Fairy, Beetle or Spirit type Pokémon. Especially Genesect or Scherox with the attacks Wrath Blade and Cross Scissors or Lugia with Dragon Rod and Sky Sweep are strong against Latios.

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