Play Minecraft on the PS5: Is it possible?

by Johannes

Fans of the sandbox classic are wondering whether Minecraft can be played on the PS5. There is no version for the next-gen console

Play Minecraft thanks to PS5 backwards compatibility

You can play Minecraft on the PlayStation 5 without any compromises.

  • There is no direct PS5 version of Minecraft. Instead, you can use the PS4 version due to the console’s extensive backwards compatibility.
  • This applies to the physical and PS Store version. As long as you own the game, you can use Minecraft and all additional content. The features of the PS4 version are also supported
  • This also applies to other Minecraft titles such as Minecraft Dungeons or Story Mode. The PS5 supports all of these games.
  • One exception is Minecraft Legends. There is an extra PS5 version for this that you can buy.

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