UPS fake SMS: How to recognize the fraud attempt

by Corinna

There are currently many fraudulent text messages in circulation from UPS and other parcel service providers. We show you how to recognize such a fake SMS

UPS fake SMS: How to recognize the messages

A parcel could not be delivered and a payment or release is mandatory? This is currently a very common SMS scam.

  • Unexpected requests: First and foremost, you should ask yourself whether you are expecting a parcel from UPS at all
  • Impression of urgency: Alarming messages that call for immediate action and build up psychological pressure are usually fraudulent.
  • Error: Fraudulent messages can often be recognized by incorrect spelling and grammar as well as the excessive use of exclamation marks.
  • Deceptive link: A link contained in the message that directs to a fake website with a different link where credit card information is requested (e.g., changes the legitimate website address from to or variations thereof)
  • Communication gaps: The message does not contain any alternative communication methods.

UPS Fake SMS: How you should react

The right response is essential to protect yourself from the potential dangers.

  • Do not comply: First and foremost, you should never click on any links. Reputable services will never ask you by text message to enter sensitive data on any website or even to make additional payments online.
  • Contact customer service: If in doubt, you should contact the parcel service’s customer service and ask whether the message is genuine.
  • Ignore the sender: Never reply to the message or the scammers will know that your cell phone number is still being actively used. As a result, more fraud attempts could take place in the future.
  • Customs: Customs also warns that their payment requests are never sent by telephone, email or text message.

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