Sons of the Forest: How to find the crossbow

by Johannes

The crossbow in Sons of the Forest is a powerful ranged weapon that you can use to keep the cannibals at bay

Sons of the Forest: Where to find the crossbow

The crossbow supports you in the fight against the cannibals in Sons of the Forest.

  • To find the crossbow, you need to head to the Food and Dining Bunker. This is located in the northwest of the island between two paths and north of a lake that is connected to the western sea via a river.
  • The entrance to the bunker is set into the ground and you can easily miss it if you walk past it quickly. In the first room you will find plenty of food that you can take with you
  • To get to the crossbow, you need access to the rest of the bunker. This requires a maintenance key card. This can be found in maintenance bunkers, which are primarily located in the north and west of the island.
  • If you have a maintenance key card, you can open the heavy doors inside the bunker. You will immediately find the crossbow in the first rooms next to a corpse and numerous bolts.
  • Use [E] to pick up the crossbow and equip it in your inventory. You can use crossbow bolts as ammunition

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