Wild Hearts: How to activate the hunting arm

by Pramith

The hunting arm in Wild Hearts is used in battles to replenish your supply of Karakui threads and weaken the beasts

Wild Hearts: How to use your hunting arm

In Wild Hearts, the hunting arm is one of the essential tools at your disposal in battle. You don’t need to equip it separately.

  • The hunting arm can only be used in battles against Kemono such as the Floragrunzer or Amaterasu. If you use it successfully, you will take Karakui threads from the kemono, giving you more to use in battle.
  • Wild Hearts shows you exactly when you can use the hunting arm. Look out for areas on the beast’s body that light up blue. These are weak points that you can attack with the hunting arm.
  • You must then hold on to the kemono and climb along the beast to the weak spot. Be prepared for a tough fight, as the monsters will want to shake you off again. Ideally, you should jump directly onto the weak point
  • Once you have reached the glowing weak spot, press the button shown: L2 (PlayStation), LT (Xbox) or the button you specified on the PC. Your character will now reach into the beast and rip out Karakui threads
  • The hunting arm also ensures that the kemono is briefly stunned and takes damage. Make use of this function to take methodical action against the beasts

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