World of Warcraft: Item recovery – how it works

by Pramith

The World of Warcraft item recovery protects against the loss of sold, disenchanted or destroyed items. The service can only be used once a week, however.

World of Warcraft: Item Restoration Procedure

Item recovery is a free service in World of Warcraft. The process is started via The item recovery process is as follows:

  • Log in to and select the desired character on the item recovery page. The service is available for characters from WoW Retail, Classic and Burning Crusade Classic.
  • After selecting the character, a list with all items suitable for recovery appears. A maximum of 50 items can be restored account-wide. Select the desired items.
  • Complete the restoration. The items will be delivered to the respective character via the postal system within a few minutes.
  • When restoring disenchanted or scrapped items, you must pay attention to the material costs. Items obtained from scrapping or disenchantment are confiscated by item recovery.
  • Further note that deleted characters must also be restored before item restoration.

World of Warcraft item recovery: limitations

There are some items that are not available via item recovery in World of Warcraft. These include:

  • Banned, frozen, or accounts without an active subscription are not eligible for item recovery. This includes, for example, Free Trial accounts.
  • Consumables, collectibles and items with expiry dates are not eligible for item recovery. This also applies to items from a trade, the auction house or from another character.
  • Stackable crafting materials are not recoverable. If you want to restore a destroyed or sold item from the last 12 hours, you must approach a merchant. Item recovery is not suitable for this purpose.

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