Cooling down in summer: Ingenious hot-water bottle trick for hot days

by Michaela

As great as summer is, it’s much easier to sleep for a little cooling down, like with a cold hot-water bottle. The hot water bottle in summer is not a completely new trick, but it is still ingenious.

Hot water bottle in summer – this is how you cool down

At night, when the heat in the bedroom seems to be literally standing still in summer, any way of cooling down is more than welcome. A really effective way to cool down is the hot water bottle – in summer, of course, it is used as a cooling bottle.

  • The really ingenious thing about the hot water bottle is that the cooling it provides is not only of a short-term nature. With the hot water bottle, you have a pleasant bed cooler with you for several hours.
  • There are several ways to turn the hot water bottle into a cooling bottle. One of them is to fill the hot water bottle with water and put it in the fridge a few hours before you go to bed.
  • Another option is to fill the hot water bottle with ice cubes. To do this, use an ice cube mould, which you can use to make relatively small ice cubes. In this case, use a hot water bottle with a filling area that is as large as possible. Make sure that you leave enough space in the hot water bottle.
  • An alternative to the hot water bottle are blue cooling compresses. No matter which cooling variant you ultimately choose, you should always place a towel or similar around the hot water bottle. You should also avoid direct body contact, otherwise you risk getting a cold burn. A good place for the cooled hot water bottle is, for example, the foot of the bed.
  • By the way, cold showers have some advantages. However, to cool down before you go to bed is not a good idea. You will achieve the opposite of what you originally intended. The body reacts to the extreme cold by trying to compensate for the temperature as quickly as possible – in other words, it produces extra heat. If you want to take a shower, a lukewarm shower is much more sensible.

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