Share your Wi-Fi password with guests using an NFC tag – this is how it works.

by Corinna

You can easily share your Wi-Fi password with your guests using an NFC tag. To do this, your guests simply have to hold their smartphone near the tag.

NFC tag: share WLAN password

The abbreviation NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and is used for contactless data exchange. Most reasonably up-to-date smartphones have this function. Therefore, sharing the Wi-Fi password via NFC is convenient.

  • NFC tags: There are many versions of NFC tags. You can buy these in the form of a sticker, keychain or magnet. Stickers are often available for one euro and less.
  • Create NFC: With the help of an app, you can write your Wi-Fi password on your NFC tag. The storage capacity of NFC tags is very small, often between 180 and 924 bytes. It is sufficient for sharing your Wi-Fi password.
  • Encryption: The data you store on your NFC tag is not encrypted. This means that anyone in the immediate vicinity can see the data on the NFC tag.
  • WiFikeyShare: With this free open source app you can write to your NFC tag. When you start the app, the WLAN network names are displayed. You now have to tap on the corresponding network and enter your password. Then click on “NFC” at the top and then on “Describe tag”.
  • Scan NFC tag: Semi-modern Android devices are able to scan NFC tags without an additional app. First you have to activate NFC in the settings of your smartphone. To do this, go to your settings and enter “NFC” in the search field. Click on the setting “NFC”. Then you have to scroll down a little and activate the slider at “NFC”. If you are now near an NFC tag, all you have to do is hold your mobile phone up to it.
  • NFC21 Reader: This app helps you read an NFC tag if you have an iPhone. Many iPhones do not have an NFC reader built in. Open the app and hold your iPhone with the back of the camera close to the NFC tag to scan.

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