Heating with pellets: What consumers need to know

by Pramith

Heating with pellets is a sensible alternative to gas, oil and the like, because the small sticks of wood are a very environmentally friendly heating method. We will give you a brief overview of how to heat with pellets and what costs you can expect if you decide to convert your heating system.

Heating with pellets: How the heating alternative works

Because installing a pellet heating system also involves a certain amount of work, it is good to get detailed information about heating with pellets beforehand.

  • Pellets are made from the raw material wood. The practical thing about pellet production is that they are made from by-products of the wood industry, such as chips. The chips are pressed together under high pressure to produce the small pellets.
  • The basic principle of pellet heating is simple: the heat generated by burning the pellets heats water. This is used on the one hand as hot water in the radiators and on the other hand as domestic water, for example for the shower or for washing up.
  • If you decide to heat with pellets, it is important to order the right amount of pellets. To know how many pellets are needed, you need to know your previous energy consumption. You can plan on about 2 kilograms of pellets per litre of heating oil or one cubic metre of gas.
  • To heat with pellets, you need either a pellet stove or a pellet central heating system.
  • Pellet stoves work like a normal fireplace. It is placed visibly in the living room and gives off a pleasant warmth when in operation. The heat produced can then also be used to heat water.
  • Pellet central heating systems are considerably larger than pellet stoves and are also more efficient. They have a boiler, which is designed to provide heat and hot water throughout the house, just like other central heating systems.
  • The filling of pellet stoves and central heating is usually done by a conveyor system or sometimes by hand.
  • For storing the pellets, it is a good idea to use an empty room, or a fabric tank.

Pellet stoves or central heating: these are the costs you should expect

Of course, pellet heaters, like other heaters, are not free. Depending on the size, you have to reckon with around 3,000 euros to 18,000 euros.

  • But don’t worry: If you live in a detached house, you can get by with a simple stove. This usually does not have a conveyor system, but an integrated tank, and will therefore cost you around 3,000 – 4,000 euros.
  • If you want to heat a larger house, you will have to use a pellet central heating system. These can cost up to 18,000 euros including installation.
  • The good thing is that pellet heating systems are subsidised, as long as you submit the application before the supply applications and performance contracts.
  • The pellets themselves will cost you about 1,000 euros a year if you live in a detached house. However, this amount can vary depending on consumption.

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