WhatsApp: Delete contacts – Quick and easy beginner’s guide.

by Pramith

If you no longer want to communicate with certain people via WhatsApp, you can delete the contacts. If necessary, you can also remove the chat.

Delete contacts from WhatsApp: Instructions for iOS and Android

Please note: You cannot delete your contacts directly in WhatsApp, you have to take a diversion to do so.

  • WhatsApp automatically synchronises your contacts with the phone book of your smartphone. So for a contact to no longer appear on WhatsApp, you also have to delete it from the phonebook and not just from WhatsApp.
  • To do this, simply open the phone book on your iPhone or Android smartphone and remove the desired contact. Then restart WhatsApp. The deleted contact should now no longer appear in your WhatsApp contact list. However, the messages are still there.
  • If you cannot find the contact in your phone book, open the desired chat in WhatsApp. Tap the person’s name at the top and then tap “Edit” at the top right (iOS) or “View in address book” at the top right in the menu (Android).
  • The respective contact then opens in the address book. There you can either change the name or delete the entire contact.
  • You can also remove the entire chat in WhatsApp if necessary. To do this, go to the overview of all chats on the WhatsApp homepage. On Android, press and hold the respective chat and then tap the trash can icon at the top. On the iPhone, swipe the chat to the left and then delete it via the “Delete chat” option behind “More”.
  • This removes the entire chat history as well as the phone number of the corresponding contact from your smartphone.

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