Activate Cell Broadcast: How it works

by Pramith

Activate Cell Broadcast to receive important alerts with your mobile phone. A trial alert will also be sent to your phone on the alert day

Enable Cell Broadcast – iOS

Cell broadcast settings on iPhone:

  • Open the device settings
  • Select “Messages “
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  • Under “Cell Broadcast Alerts” you can make the settings
  • The items “Extreme Danger” and “Danger Information” should be activated.
  • The option “Test warnings” is for internal purposes of the telephone providers and does not need to be activated.

Enable Cell Broadcast – Android

Cell broadcast settings on Android devices:

  • Open device settings
  • Select the menu item “Notifications “
  • Under “Emergency notifications for mobile devices” you can make the settings
  • The items “Extreme danger”, “Serious danger” and “Danger information” should be activated
  • The option “Test Warning” is also for internal purposes and does not need to be activated
  • An alternative access to the cell broadcast settings on Android devices is via the app “Messages “

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